Hitting It

I know we writers put a lot of self-promo posts up and it can be numbing to read the feeds, but I want to share something good with you, especially those still pursuing the dream of publication. For over 12 years I struggled to get published and suffered an excruciating number of "You're So Close" rejections. My best friend told me to switch it up and write something different. I did. A humorous contemporary romance.

Today, Faking It made number 1 on the Amazon Kindle bestseller list for Romantic Comedy in Canada (LOVE CANADA) and number 24 on Barnes and Noble.

I know, believe me I know, how gut-wrenching, ego-crushing it is to be down in the trenches. If you love telling stories, don't ever, ever, ever give up. You will get there. In the meantime, know that a fellow trench dweller knows your pain and is rooting for you.

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Di Eats the Elephant said...

Lol. Thank you! And thank you for your story. I LOVED it. And it helps me perhaps figure out a genre. I'm working on a mystery that is with similar levels of blood and gore and not-so-pure thoughts and another writer asked me if it was a cozy and thought i needed to tone down the gore. Or gory thoughts. Now i kinda understand that she's never read anything like your work or like "Hello Kitty Must Die" and when i finally finish my novel I can't call it traditional mystery. I always thought "chick lit mystery" cause i love chick lit: strong women with a sense of humor and vulnerability and independence. That's my take anyway. Would love to hear back from you.