About Leah Marie

Before writing novels, Leah Marie Brown worked as a newspaper reporter and served in the United States Air Force as a Radio and Television Broadcaster. After her tour in the military, she worked as a director of public relations and a freelance journalist.  Her articles have appeared in numerous publications. She has lived in Europe, Asia, Central America, and the United States.  An enthusiastic traveler and ardent collector of historical minutia, she enjoys weaving factual events and characters into her novels.

On a trip to Paris, she wandered into a used bookstore and unearthed an old book about women who lived through the French Revolution. This is where she discovered some of the heroines for her novels, including Silence in the Mist, available on Amazon.com.

What are some random facts about Leah Marie Brown?  
  • Tragic but true!  Leah was named after a cat. 
  • When she was eight years old, Leah accidentally pulled the fire alarm in the Toledo Sheraton Hotel on the fourth of July.  Accidentally.  (At least, that was her story and she has stuck to it ever since!)
  • She does not like to flush public toilets because she was once told that doing so causes urine to spray up in a six foot radius.
  • Leah says that one of the nicest compliments she ever received was about her writing was when someone said, "Judy Garland had a gift that when she sang, she made everyone listening feel as if she were singing just to them. Your writing is like that. You make everyone feel as if you are writing just for them."
  • She wonders if she was a nun (or Marie Antoinette) in a previous life.
  • She wakes up each day feeling blessed to have her life, health, family, and friends.
  • Although she follows fashion and fads closely, she is most comfortable in jeans, her Guns-n-Roses Tshirt, and Wellies.
  • Leah dreams of being a Hip Hop Dancer were cruelly dashed her freshman year in high school, when she completely bungled the ending to her first Pom Poms routine in front of a crowd of 1500 people.
  • Leah has hosted a radio show, anchored a nightly news program, and been in a major motion picture.
  • Leah loves to read, but hates to read manuals. Therefore, she will spend six hours struggling to put together a bookshelf because she is too stubborn/rebellious/lazy to read the manual.
  • Leah is an advanced SCUBA Diver.  She has logged hundreds of hours diving.  She considered volunteering as a Search and Rescue diver but the thought of fishing a dead body of the sea creeped her.
  • Leah's has watched the Sound of Music a skazillion times and knows every song by heart.
  • Leah was once detained by Buckingham Palace guards...but that's a story she will save for another day (or novel).
You can email Leah Marie Brown at leahmariebrown@yahoo.com