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Here are links to some of the articles I have written about traveling at home and abroad...

How Not to Visit the UK - Part I  One day in London and I had already been arrested by Buckingham Palace Guards...

How Not to Visit the UK - Part II  One week in England and I had already taken a ride in a Search and Rescue helicopter and spent the night in a castle haunted by the ghost of Mary Queen of Scots...
I Have a Cottage in Ireland  "Of all my journeys, none has resonated with me as deeply as my recent trip to Ireland.  I made a soul connection with..."

Serendipitous Traveler...Portofino  "Portofino has long been the vacation destination for the rich and famous.  Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall, and Sophia Lauren forsook the artifice of Tinsel Town for the natural beauty of the picturesque fishing village..."

The Light of Florence  Beautiful, mysterious Florence in the magical light of gloaming...

Romantic Dunottar Castle  A visit to Dunottar Castle offers a lesson in history and love...

Look for the Dragonfly Moments On love Scotland and her plucky little Westies...

Cherry Blossoms and a Croque Monsieur:  Kyoto and Arishiyama Forest  "The paths were flanked by cherry  blossom trees sprouting tissue-paper like petals stained pink with the first flush of Spring..."

Look for the Dragonfly Moments  On loathing Korea and looking for the best wherever Fate sends you... 

Autumn in Alaska  "I always felt a strange melange of emotions: awe and elation to be witnessing such beauty, and sadness in realizing it would soon end..."

My Glamorous Life...In the Arctic Wasteland  "After reading about my adventures in London, Paris, Kyoto and Edinburgh, you might think I live the charmed life of a Disney Princess.  If that is true, I am about to shatter your illusion..."

A Walk in the Moss  A Gullah woman and the tale of Spanish Moss...

Letting Go of Dreams  "It was in that library my love affair with Hawaii began. One day, while flipping through the pages of the latest National Geographic, I came to an article..."

Miscellaneous Travel Articles:
Cure for the Blase Traveler  "One of the least-known but most-insidious risks of frequent travel is the potential for the sojourner to become disenchanted..."

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