Dear Labby

When I was a child, I often imagined myself all grown up, working as an investigative reporter at some busy, prestigious big-city newspaper. Well, I got the job at the big city newspaper, but that was years ago, before marriage, kids, and multiple moves. My dreams of becoming an award-winning investigative reporter have been placed neatly on a shelf between a box containing old journals and my microscopic cheerleader uniform (why do I keep that around, just to taunt my post 20-something pear shape?)

These days, I occasionally write and sell articles, work on my sixth pre-published novel, and maintain this blog.

Oh! Wait! I also write a monthly column for a regional magazine about dogs. Yes folks, I am Dear Labby. My woofs of wisdom ... err ... words of wisdom are not likely to win me a Pulitzer, but I like to think they provide a different sort of edification, one that can't be measured in big dollars or fame beyond furry creatures.

Read, enjoy, and hopefully chuckle a time or two.

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ParisMaddy said...

Your sense of humor really shines through in your writing.

Love you.