Grains of Sand

I sat on the beach for an hour today and marveled at the infinite beauty of the ocean. It stretched along the horizon, endlessly, seamlessly; blending hues of emerald and seafoam, like a Monet painting.

The powdery sand sparkled and winked in the sunlight. I stuck my hands in the warm grains, then lifted a handful and let it sift slowly through my fingers. As I watched the silvery sand spill to the ground, I wondered how many millions and millions of grains made up this one beach. I realized I was like a grain of sand, one of many in a wide, wonderful world.

I looked back out at the ocean. It was clear and smooth and vast and empty. No boats bobbed along the surface, no swimmers splashed in the surf. It was then I noticed a single sea turtle struggling against a wave. Watching it reminded me how very small we are in this universe. This knowledge made me feel at peace and, yet, a little sad.

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