Sacher Torte

If you are fortunate enough to visit Salzburg, Austria be sure to head to the grand Hotel Sacher and order yourself a slice of the Sacher Torte. Considered by some to be the most famous chocolate cake in the world, this smooth, rich torte has been made following the same recipe for over 175 years. The torte is made with the finest organic ingredients and leaves just the slightest hint of apricot on the tongue. I paired mine with a cup of tea and consumed both while staring at the photographs that line the café walls of the many celebrities who have indulged in Sacher’s delicacies.

My children preferred the chocolate-raspberry cake with chocolate mousse filling. They washed their cake down with cups of thick, rich hot chocolate (and were on a sugar buzz for the rest of the week).


Stephanie said...

Wish I could have gone along with you guys, it is now high on my list of places to visit! Great pictures!

Unknown said...

I agree, you almost have me convinced to visit. Love the pictures.