Friday's Fabulous Find

Musee Carnavalet, once the private residence of the famous letter writer, Madame de Sevigne, is my favorite museum in Paris. The building has changed very little since Madame de Sevigne was in residence and it is a delight to retrace her steps. As I strolled through the large hallways, walked down the wide circular staircase, and explored the grand rooms, I could very well imagine life in the era of Louis XIV.

The Museum also houses one of the most impressive collections of Revolutionary artifacts. Pamphlets, flags, furniture, sketches and paintings from that turbulent time are on display. One room, within the labyrinth of rooms that make up this museum, stands out among the rest: The Marie Antoinette Room. This is where I first saw a lock of hair that once graced the head of my idol, Marie Antoinette. A mélange of emotions washed over me as I saw that tiny, curl of hair, a very tangible piece of evidence that she once lived. The lighting in the museum was dim and flash photography was not allowed, but it was clear to me that Marie Antoinette had strawberry blonde hair (my hair color).

If you’re ever in Paris, be sure to spend some time at Musee Carnavalet (lunch at L’Ambriosie 9, Place des Vosges is pricey but quite the fabulous experience).

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