After the Gloaming

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you might have formed the opinion that I am a person who is quite comfortable waxing poetic about the things I love (life, romance, and serendipitous adventures). 

You would be correct.  (I knew you were a cut above the average blog reader for Life, Love, and Accidental Adventures seems to attract those in possession of mammoth intellects and discerning tastes)

Metaphorically speaking, I have lobotomized myself on this blog and allowed you, my gentle, treasured reader, to take an up close and personal look at the brain of Leah Marie Brown.

I have confessed how I get turned on by tubers and told you about my schnoodle, Molly Muffin, aka the Girl With Balls.  Recently, I shared the details of my early morning encounter with a brave mentally-handicapped young man named Tommy Tough Guy and my decision to stop allowing regret to be the tether that tied me to the past and kept me from the future.

I have shared with you the details of my travels, dreams, fears, and pastry obsession.

You would think that someone who talked, talked, talked as much as I do, would be perfectly comfortable with shameless self-promotion...but I am not. 

Honestly, I feel a little twinge of discomfort when I am plugging one of my articles or something else I have sold.

Which is why it is taking me so long today to really get to my point.

THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF SCOTTISH ROMANCE is now available for sale.  In case you are new to my blog or suffered a conk on the head that erased your memory of Leah Matters, my story, After the Gloaming, appears in this romance and adventure filled anthology. 

I hope you will order this book (I do not get royalties, so this is not a pathetic attempt to raise the scratch for another European jaunt) and read After the Gloaming. 

Please let me know what you think about my short story.  And if you send me a photo of you holding the book, I will place it on my website and send you a bookmark autographed by two of the authors featured in the anthology.

TWO?  Yes, that is right.  Two, not one.

Elle Jasper, a talented author and one of my best friends, wrote a thrilling short story titled Curse Me Wicked (don't you love when an author uses the word wicked?  I do!  Once, I was in England with Elle, and we stopped at this bed and breakfast and the owner said...Wait!  I digress.  Click here if you want to read the rest of that story)

Anyway, I hope you will read Elle's story too because it is fantastic (and it will make me feel a little less guilty about plugging my story).

Just in case you forgot (or are too tired to scroll up), the title of my short story was After the Gloaming and the book is The Mammoth Book of Scottish Romance.

There.  Shameless promotion done.

OUCH!  (That was a twinge of discomfort.  Don't worry though, the pain has already passed)

Thanks for reading!

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Fanny said...

So proud of you and I cannot wait to have my copy autographed by the ever-talented Leah Marie Brown!!!!!!!!!