Waiting for the Blade to Fall

My novel, Silence in the Mist, was released for sale early this morning.  Like most authors, I worked, hoped and prayed for this day for many years.  I should be popping open a bottle of bubbly and toasting my accomplishment, but instead, I sit nervously twisting my fingers and willing the bile to move down my throat and back into my stomach. 

I believe I now have a slight idea what it must have been like for a French aristocrat to lie on his stomach, his neck in the lunette, waiting for the blade to fall. 

Will readers appreciate the years of research that went into writing Silence in the Mist?  Will they like my heroine?  Will they leave glowing reviews?  Or will they turn on me like a Parisian mob, cruelly flinging barbs and maybe even a few rotten tomatoes?  Will this be the end of my writing career?

These are the thoughts that occupy space in my brain on this morning. 

I know my worries are not original.  Every author has fretted over the release of their first novel.  The agony and ecstasy of publishing.  Will the blade fall or will I receive a reprieve, complete with champagne toasts?


CYP @ A Bookalicious Story said...

Aw hey i know it wont do any good saying how good the book would be received by readers, but at least you were actually handpicked by the publishers, got a beautiful cover, and many followers. And to top it all off, you know so much about the French history already from all those long hours of research! Anyway, i've already uploaded your book and its synopsis up on goodreads.com to publicise it. Maybe you can join it too and y'know, get more reviews and comments from other readers!:)

ParisMaddy said...

Ma chere Leah Marie,

It simply doesn't matter. What does matter is
your tenacious talent to tell a tale and to hold
onto your dream. Congratulating amazing you.
I will order a copy right after posting this message.
I can't wait to read Silence in the Mist again.
If you are in my neck of the woods you can sign
it for me:)

With all of my love and support. Mom

Dear Fireflies said...

My God, Leah! This is brilliant news!! Yaaaayyy... I'm so happy for your! How fantastic is that, living the dream?? Well, I wish you tons of success with this one and here's to many many more books to come... oxx

elena maria vidal said...


TAVA... said...


TAVA... said...

Are you kidding?? CHAMPAGNE TOASTS!! Can't wait to read it....

NightlySun said...

Wow! Wonderful! Terrific!

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