Good Eatin', Nawlins Style!

On a sultry July morning, a few years before Katrina blew into town, a friend and I wandered into the frenetic, powder-sugar dusted Cafe du Monde for an early cup of coffee and the pastries we had heard so much about. We were hot, sweaty, and more than a little worn out from having hoofed all over the historic district. It would take more than a few Dunkin Donuts to revive our exhausted, jaded spirits and a whole lot more than a Krispee Kream to skewer our skepticism.

The pastries needed to be fresh, hot, and Paris-pretty to impress us.

What we had that morning (several plates of steaming, sinfully-sweet, perfectly-powdered beignets) were tiny pillows of pastry perfection. The beignets were so good, we made several more early morning trips to Cafe du Monde during our stay in New Orleans.

Once home, I experienced a serious post-perfect-beignet let-down. Krispee Kream no longer cut it.

I was thrilled when I discovered I could buy Cafe du Monde's beignet mix online. I ordered several boxes, stocked up on a truck-load of powdered sugar, and anxiously waited by my mailbox. When the much-coveted beignet mix was finally delivered, I wasted no time in firing up the oil and brewing a pot of coffee.

I was very pleased with the beignet mix. The directions were easy to follow (just add water) and the amount of mix in the box was generous for the price. Once properly prepared, the beignets were just as delicious as those served at Cafe du Monde (of course, you do have that tiresome clean-up when you make them at home that you don't have when you go to the cafe in New Orleans, but all truly great things come with a price).

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A Heron's View said...

I fear that the Real price might be some extra inches :) ????