30 Day Photo Challenge

Balancing a writing career and motherhood has been an overwhelming endeavor lately.  I feel like I am running in a greased-up hamster wheel while wearing stiletto Christian Louboutins.  It hasn't been pretty!  Needless to say, my blog has suffered.  I have kept up on the 30 Day Photography Challenge though and would like to share some of the pictures I have taken.  Hopefully, Santa will bring me a good pair of track shoes so I can maneuver that hamster wheel more efficiently in the future (and write more blog posts).

Day 9, Distance ~ In My 'Hood

Day 10, Favorite Color ~ Pink, Of Course

Day 11, Flowers ~ Dried

Day 12, Pretty Pattern ~ Building Downtown

Day 13, My Shoes ~ Casual Friday

Day 14, Clouds ~ Wishing for Clouds (and Hawaii)

Day 15, Someone I Love ~ Sunday Paper
(Molly, my pup)

Day 16, What I Ate ~ An Apple a Day

Day 17, What I Read ~ The Voracious Reader
(or, On My Nightstand)

Day 18, Trees ~ Spooky Tree in My Backyard

Day 19, Reflection ~ Through a Glass Brightly

1 comment:

A Heron's View said...

Thank you for posting such an array of photo's, I especially like Reflection- Through a Glass Brightly, followed by Distance - In My Hood; am certain you will do well!