Happy Birthday Marie Antoinette (and to Moi Aussi!)

On this grand day in history, two fabulous women were born (centuries apart, and yet, forever linked, it would seem).

On a cold, windy night on the second day in November in the year 1755, Marie Antoinette was born. 
And on an unusually warm night, also on the second day in November but in the year 1968, I was born.

To commemorate these historic events, I have made a short movie.  Take a look, won't you?

So what does a Princess-in-Training, a fabulous follower of Marie Antoinette, do to celebrate her birthday?  I would like to tell you I am visiting a Spa or attending an opulent soiree thrown in my honor, but, alas, that would be a lie.  Nope, this year I am celebrating in a low-key way.  I am staying in my pajamas, reading, and eating (cake, of course).

I am also taking part in a 30 Day Photo Challenge with a group of friends.  We follow this chart and each day we take and post a photo. 

Today we are supposed to take a picture titled "What I Wore."  Obviously the 30 Day Photo Challenge folks didn't consider my plan to wear my flannel "Frog Prince" jammies all day when they created this chart.

In my birthday suit, drinking Marie Antoinette
Tea from LadurĂ©e and reading my new book,
while Molly, my devoted schnoodle is looks on

I felt a little guilty about hanging around in my jammies after taking this photo.  I mean, it's not very glamorous, not very Marie Antoinette-ish.  So, I primped and preened for a few minutes and then snapped this one (Hey, the 30 Day Photo Challenge geniuses didn't say it was not permissible to take two photos per day...I've always been an over-achiever).


I am off now, on a hunt to find delicious cupcakes (If I slip back into my jammies before leaving, do you think the bakers will still serve me?)  Au revoir!


Wine and Cork said...

Oooohhh...love the video and the song? Is it from that CD? Either way, I want it!!!! :)

Amalia K said...

Bon anniversaire, mon ami! I love that video you made...who's the creative one now, eh? ;)

I also love your pics! You looked awesome in both, although those froggie jammies are definitely charming... Hehehe.