Serendipitous Traveler: Day 10, A Good Year

I am sucker for movies about people who have the courage to reinvent themselves, especially people who shirk the shackles of modern life in favor of a simpler existence in some charming European town.  Under the Tuscan SunA Good Year.  These are films that have lifted my spirit and emboldened me to dream because they feature main characters who reinvent their lives. 

So, when Stephanie came up with the idea to spend a day visiting the places featured in A Good Year, I had a fan girl moment.  I imagined myself following in Russell Crowe's gorgeous footsteps, driving down the roads lined with plane trees, sipping wine in a quaint Provencal cafe.

For those of you who have not yet seen A Good Year, it is a romantic comedy directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe.  The screenplay was adapted from the Peter Mayle novel by the same name.  It tells the story of a cynical investment banker who inherits a chateau and vineyard in Provence.  He gives up his fast-paced, money-based life in London for a slower, happier life in the South of France.

Lavender Fields
by Leah Marie Brown
Rows of lavender stretch for miles
in a field in Provence.  Although these
fields had already been harvested,
the powdery scent of lavender still
permeated the air.
Lavandes Angelvin
by Leah Marie Brown
A warehouse in Provence stores bundles of
recently harvested lavender.
On the Road
by Stephanie Mounts
The author standing on a sun dappled road
deep in the heart of Provence, the same road
Russell Crowe traversed in the movie,
A Good Year.
Château la Canorgue
This slightly dillapitated chateau, located
about a mile from Bonnieux, was the
primary setting for the movie, A Good Year.
It is a privately owned home situated amidst
a working vineyard. 
A bundle of grapevines leans against
the door of the winery at 
Château la Canorgue, setting
for the movie, A Good Year.
Photo by Leah Marie Brown

Waiting for Wine
by Leah Marie Brown
These empty bottles make a pretty
window display, but are, in fact, waiting
to be filled with wine.
Château la Canorgue, Provence

by Leah Marie Brown
This bottle was a prop in the movie, A Good Year,
starring Russell Crowe. 
Fanny's Cafe
by Leah Marie Brown
This terrace cafe was the setting for Fanny's
fictional cafe in the movie, A Good Year.  I
looked for Russell Crowe but, sadly, did not find him.

Make a Wish
by Leah Marie Brown
The author sitting on a fountain featured in the
film, A Good Year

Dinner Companions
by Leah Marie Brown
Here, Stephanie feeds a mangy Westie
some of our dinner.  We sat on a terrace
outside our room at the B&B, listening
to the wind whisper through
the plane trees, munching on fresh
bread and cheese.  A perfect moment
with charming companions.
by Leah Marie Brown
This scruffy, old Westie ambled up to our
terrace and fixed us with his soulful
brown eyes.  We feed him cheese and
salami and he kept us company during
our stay in that corner of Provence.



Anonymous said...

Leah Marie - I have read your blog from beginning to end. What a delight! Your writing reflects your thoughtful, happy personality. I only spoke with you for a brief time but you impressed me. You took time to help a bumbling traveler find her way in Paris. Thank you again and thank you for taking us all with you on your journeys.

Evelyn M.

Ivey said...

I love reading your blogs!!!!! You always write about such intersting things. I want to visit France. When I grow up, I want to be Leah Marie Brown.