Johnny Depp and the Swanky Beach Bar

In Faking It, my heroine has an epiphany about her life while sipping potent champagne cocktails at a swanky beach-side bar in Cannes, France.  The scene wasn't entirely fictional.  There is actually a swanky beach-side bar in Cannes called ZPlage.

Owned by the Hotel Martinez, a sexy, Art Deco hotel frequented by celebrities, ZPlage is famous for their premiere beachfront access, a rarity in the South of France, and their crazy-delicious champagne cocktails.  

What to wear to ZPlage?
Try Palazzo pants, strappy sandal,
designer sunglasses, and statement jewelry.

What to read on the beach in Cannes?
Light, funny, empowering Chick Lit novels are
the choice parfait!

If you would like to read more about my visit to ZPlage, read My Lunch with Robert Redford.

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