National Military Appreciation Month

"In 1999, Congress designated May as National Military Appreciation Month to recognize the service and sacrifice of those in uniform.  I have dedicated May to spotlighting authors connected to the military.  Today we welcome Air Force veteran and Kensington author Leah Marie Brown..."  Kim Lowe, Editor of SOS ALOHA.

Kim:  Thank you for your service in the USAF! What did you learn from active duty that you can apply to your writing career?

LMB:  Wow! That's a good question. I learned a lot of during my tour in the United States Air Force, like the true meaning of sacrifice, patriotism, and respect.   I also learned:

  • If you slip the base tailor twenty bucks, she will nip your Blues in at the waist a little to give you something resembling a female figure.   
  • Singing I'm Henry the Eighth, I Am to yourself in a Cockney accent while standing in formation might not keep you from passing out, but helps makes the time pass quicker.  
  • In a pinch, two packs of the earplugs issued on Space A flights can be fashioned into a temporary cork for a half-consumed bottle of champagne.   
  • Birth Control Glasses are not an effective means of contraception.  

Those might seem like ridiculous lessons, but it's really about finding the humor in any situation.   Having a sense of humor has been vitally important in my writing career - to keep me buoyed during the difficult times and to help me savor the good times... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Airman Leah Marie Sergent, Zaragoza, Spain   

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