What Should You Stick In Your Beach Bag?

You've packed your swimsuit, sandals, suntan lotion, and slinky sundress, but did you remember to pack the one thing that will make you laugh, feel sexy, and give you some serious girl power?  

This summer's new Chick Lit releases are super fab, laugh out loud fun. So, don't forget to stick one or two (or more) of these novels in your beach bag or carry-on.  (I suggest starting with Working It - but that's merely a suggestion).

You know how you have that favorite summer dress - the one you bought a few years ago, but still makes you feel fantastic?  

You probably think you'll never find a better summer dress, right?  But one day soon, you will be walking through the mall and...WAAHHHH (that's the heavenly chorus sound effect that plays whenever a woman finds the perfect garment)...

...There it will be!  A new summer dress that looks as fab on your body as it did on the mannequin.  A dress that is slinkier, sexier, and more sensational than your old one.  You will still love your old dress, of course, but you will joyfully slip into the new one.

That's what it is like with this summer's chick lit novels.  Previous summer's offered great reads, but these novels are slinkier, sexier, and will make you feel marvelous.  

There's a lot to choose from:  a fashionista seeking a destiny beyond Dior, three romantic rivals vying for the same man, a would-be actress in search of her first husband, sisters with secrets in a Cornish cottage...

Take your pick (but I recommend buying  the whole lot - after all, one can never have too many slinky, make you feel super-sexy dresses, can one?)

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