Hemingway's Trunk

One of my all-time favorite nonfiction books is Ernest Hemingway's A Moveable Feast.  (More on why this book makes my all-time top ten list in an upcoming post)

 If you haven't read A Moveable Feast, I highly recommend you indulge.  The audio book version is a delicious treat for your ears.

 Speaking of Hemingway, I thought this was a great little story about him. (Question for YOU after the story)

"In 1956, Ernest and I were having lunch at the Ritz in Paris with Charles Ritz, the hotel’s chairman, when Charley asked if Ernest was aware that a trunk of his was in the basement storage room, left there in 1930. 

Ernest did not remember storing the trunk but he did recall that in the 1920s Louis Vuitton had made a special trunk for him. Ernest had wondered what had become of it. Charley had the trunk brought up to his office, and after lunch Ernest opened it. It was filled with a ragtag collection of clothes, menus, receipts, memos, hunting and fishing paraphernalia, skiing equipment, racing forms, correspondence and, on the bottom, something that elicited a joyful reaction from Ernest: 'The notebooks! So that’s where they were! Enfin!' There were two stacks of lined notebooks like the ones used by schoolchildren in Paris when he lived there in the ’20s. Ernest had filled them with his careful handwriting while sitting in his favorite café, nursing a café crème. The notebooks described the places, the people, the events of his penurious life."   -- Hotchner, A. E. (2009-07-19). "Don't Touch 'A Moveable Feast'". The New York Times.

Wouldn't it be something to find an old suitcase filled with things you haven't seen in 30 years? What would YOU want to find in your suitcase?

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